Aerial Camera Operations specializies in the installation and operation of gyro-stabilized camera systems for the Motion Picture and Television Industry.
Outstanding Aerial Cinematography
Emmy Award-winning cameraman Chris Chanda is Aerial Camera Operations Ltd (ACO).  Chris has created exceptional aerial imagery in the television and film industries for 17 years.  With a commitment to provide the highest quality footage for every project - be it a sporting event, documentary or feature film – he ensures each client is given results that meet or surpass expectations.  ACO offers a range of services to assist producers; from filling the need of an aerial camera operator, to coordinating and delivering a complete turn-key aerial package.   ACO offers insight and assistance for your aerial production requirements.
Just the Right Shot
Aerial Camera Operations is uniquely positioned to provide production companies with the expertise to identify which technologies are suited to their aerial requirements. With an extensive base of experienced helicopter operators and the expertise to install and operate the camera systems, ACO provides a complete aerial package to movie and television producers.  Whether it’s a Cineflex, Wescam or Gyron camera system, ACO can work with you in creating just the right shot.